Accomplissements Lore

Accomplissements - Lore
(Connaissance de l'univers du jeu)


Accomplissements - Lore
(Connaissance de l'univers du jeu) 


Ces accomplissements regroupent plusieurs accomplissements de type Lore


Nom Obtention
Alien Invader Terminer
  • Qularr Crash
  • Qularr Operations
  • Gadroon Orders
Crowned in Glory Terminer les recherches sur les Crowns of Krim
Destroyer of Worlds Terminer
  • Research Dr. Destroyer
  • Destroyerology 101
  • Reflections on Destroyer
Edomite Terminer
  • Necrullitic Research
  • Karkaradon Texts
  • The Harrowing
  • Qliphothic Lore
  • The Vengeance Journals
  • Lemurian Carvings
  • Teleios' Journals
Mechanical Revolution Terminer
  • Machine Revolution
  • Mystery of Mechanon
Perfect Being Terminer
  • Teleios' Journal
  • Recover Experimental Results
Supreme Serpent Terminer
  • Mad Correspondence
  • VIPER's Supersoldier Program
  • VIPER's Recruitment Tactics
  • All About VIPER


Ces accomplissements consistent en général à découvrir/lire des éléments de connaissance cachés à travers le monde, dans des instances ou en discutant avec les PNJs


Nom Obtention
All About VIPER Retrouver les 5 livres
  • History of VIPER
  • VIPER Philosophy
  • VIPER Hierarchy
  • VIPER Agent Training
  • About the Supreme Serpent
Chapter and Verse Trouver toutes les Scriptures of Therakiel dans le repaire Therakiel's temple.
Research Dr. Destroyer Trouver les 8 notes de recherches des diverses factions concernant le Dr. Destroyer.
Destroyerology 101 Lire les 10 livres cachés à travers le monde traitant du Dr. Destroyer.
Gadroon Orders Trouver les 5 ordres Gadroons disséminés dans le jeu
Karkaradon Texts Trouver et lire les deux ordres et les deux livres Karkaradon cachés en Lemuria
Lemurian Carvings Trouver les 3 gravures Lemuriennes
Machine Revolution Trouver les 7 éléments et dialogues en rapport avec la révolution des machines cachés dans le jeu.
 Mad Correspondence Trouver les 6 documents traitant des manipulations de l'ADN
Mystery of Mechanon Trouver les 4 rapports et les 4 dialogues parlant de Mechanon.
Necrullitic Research Trouver les notes de recherches Necrullitiques dans Burial Caves.
Qularr Operations Trouver des objets et faire les missions accosiées au Qularrs.
Qliphothic Lore Trouver les 8 fragments parlant du monde Qliphotique.
Reflections on Destroyer Poser toutes les questions sur Dr. Destroyer au Dr. Thesken dans le musée de la bataille de Detroit.
Teleios' Journals Lire les 4 journaux de Teleios dans la tour de Teleios.
The Crowns of Krim Trouver les 7 documents parlant des plans sur les couronnes de Krim.
The Harrowing Lire les 8 livres intitulés The Harrowing dissiméninés dans le monde.
The Vengeance Journals Lire les 5 journaux de la vengeance cachés dans le monde.
Qularr Crash Examiner les trois éléments sur le site de crash du désert.
VIPER Recruitment Tactic Lire les 7 documents sur le recrutement VIPER.
VIPER's Supersoldier Program Lire les 9 document sur le programme VIPER de Supersoldat.

Trame principale

Ces accomplissements regroupent plusieurs accomplissements liés à la réussite d'une suite de missions spécifiques.


Nom Obtention
Aliens of Earth Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Save the City
  • Area 51 of Uncertainty
  • Terra De-Forming
  • The Truth is Right Here
  • No Probes Allowed
  • The Qularr De-Fleeted
  • Robots, Radiation, and Rampage
  • Terminer Alien Invader Loremaster
Building A Better Serpent Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Pop the Clutch
  • Breakout of the Big House
  • Rude Awakenings
  • Project: Stein
  • Walk with the Manimals
  • March of the Manimals
  • Master of Manimals
  • Nest of Serpents
  • Alternative Energies
  • Terminer VIPER Loremaster
Corporate Malfeasance Terminer les groupes de missions
  • SNOW Thrush Job
  • What's Mine is Mine
  • Manimal Resources
  • Corporate Predators
  • The Unnatural Imbalance
  • The Wild Life
Perfection of Madness Terminer les groupes de missions
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
  • Of Two minds
  • Imitation of Life
  • ET Clone Home
  • Terminer Teleios Loremaster
Revolution Under the Sea Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Murky Waters
  • Fully Submersible
  • The Lemurians are Revolting!
  • Ruin From The Ancient Past
  • When a Curse is a Blessing
Shadow of the Destroyer Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Stop the Invasion
  • Raiders on the Storm or Out of the Wasteland
  • A Gathering Shadow
  • Destruction of Mass Production
  • Shadow of the Shark-Men
  • Terminer Dr. Destroyer Loremaster
The Crowns of Darkness, Blood, and Fire Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Searching in Shadows
  • Bood for DEMON
  • The Flame of Krim
  • Terminer Kings of Edom Loremaster
The Kings Shall Rise Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Necrull Intentions
  • Blood for DEMON
  • The Demon of the Lost
  • The Worms Crawl Out
  • Those who Dwell in Bleakness
  • Terminer Kings of Edom Loremaster
The PSI Conspiracy Terminer les groupes de missions
  • Purple With Rage
  • Mind Inc Your Moves
  • Deep in Psi-ed

Suites de mission par emplacement

Chaque accomplissement consiste en un groupe de missions ou de choses à faire

Millenium City Tutorial


Nom Obtention
Learn the Ropes Terminer les missions
  • Seeding Frenzy
  • Chip off the Old
  • Gear Up
  • Mayor's Mementos
Save the City
  • Protéger et aider les citoyens de Millenium City
  • Student Buddies
  • Prescription Retention
  • Citizens Distressed
  • Urbanites Incapacitated
  • Vacation Salvation
  • Right off the Bat
  • Cat-astrophe
  • Speed in Need
Stop the Invasion Arrêter l'invasion Qularrs
  • Signal to Noise
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Homestead Security
  • End the Invasion

Crisis in Canada !


Nom Obtention
Raiders on the Storm Sauver les victimes du crash et mettre fin à la tempête surnaturelle.

Desert Disaster


Nom Obtention
Out of the Wasteland Faire les missions
  • A Crafty Contrivance
  • Begone Fission!
  • Assault on Greenskin
  • Rounding Up Rads
  • A Question of Suppression
  • Grond Theft Altercation
  • Doomsday Clock Ticking
  • Gallant Colonel Gertz
  • Radiation Domination

Canadian Wilderness


Nom Obtention
Imitation of Life Mettre fin aux agissements de Teleios.
  • In over their Steelheads
  • Pass the Collection
  • And these minds are terrible
  • Or just mental, period
  • Change that meeting too beating
  • It's not a Telescope
Good for the Spirit Annuler la malédiction pesant sur Samuel Whete.
  • Them bones, them bones...
  • They don't make 'em no more
  • It's hard to read a dark text
  • Let's get this un-done
Necrull Intentions Stopper la corruption de Necrull.
  • Not just any dermis.
  • Ex-Exhumed
  • And you're the exterminator
  • Canadians don't curse
  • A legacy you don't want.
  • Knocking on...
Of Two Minds Arrêter Leader of the Brain.
  • Hunter-Patriot Act
  • Summons Cerebellum
  • Travesty of Justice
  • Execution Dissolution
  • Mental Retribution
  • Brain Storming
Pop the Clutch Stopper les rechercher VIPER.
  • How can a snake clutch anything?
  • Only VIPER sees it as sabotage
  • This laboratory already seems pretty low-down
  • Not as easy as it first seems
Rude Awakenings Metter un terme au projet Awakening.
  • Then what are they?
  • This is Mountie-ing up to something
  • Now that's a school of hard knocks
  • It’s a diversionary tactic
  • Without his dispatches, he’s nothing
  • Don’t count on any sleeping guards
Running Out The Renegades Saboter les installations Unter-Patriots. You might need some paint thinner
  • Would you like to play a game?
  • It's always time
  • It takes a lot of scaring
  • Who won't they work with?
  • He's also the Head Patriot
Searching in Shadows Enquêter sur les ombres dans Hoarfrost Hills
  • Hunting Grounds
  • Couldn't they call it "residue"?
  • Hard enough to read in the dark
  • It's not a miner problem to him!
One crown in shadow
Snow Thrush Job Enquêter sur ARGENT au Snow Thrush Sanctuary.
  • They don't need no 3 laws
  • Some dissaseembly may be needed
  • Even the hip need help
  • Greed-2-3-4
  • Should have sent an email
  • It could put them in the black
  • Cutting in line
  • On who's authority
Terra De-Forming Perturber la terraformation Gadroon.
  • Gotta collect them all
  • Talking about bad modulations
  • It's terror over function
  • Order from whom?
  • Take that, advanced alien science!
  • That had to be expensive
The Demon of the Lost Combattre les démons du Nord.
  • Essence of Api-Kunni
  • Labor of Glove
  • Lost in Phase-Space
  • What the Raven Saw
  • Land of the Lost
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead Vaincre les Hunters-Patriots et leurs alliés.
  • The Enemy's Electronic Ears
  • Missing Amongst the Debris
  • The Hunters Hunting
  • The Perfect Prey
  • Trust No One
  • The Cat's Tale
  • Six Feet Under
  • Dead Alive
The New Pollution Stopper la pollution au Canada.
  • Something Smells Fishy
  • Modern Ecologists prefer the term “Food Web”
  • Mother nature can be a real…
  • VIPER isn’t always green
  • How inconvenient?
WAR of the 'Foots Aider la tribu Chiyetah
  • Recapturing Karma
  • Blessing of Kitshi Manitou
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Hunting the Hunters
  • Short-Staffing the Shaman
  • Defilers of Our People
What's Mine is Mine Découvrir ce que fait ARGENT aux Hoarfrots Hills.
  • Corrupt Geologists get what they deserve
  • And there's a lot of Dirt to get
  • A test ARGENT's sure to fail
  • It's all mine
  • Just how valuable?
  • Could be "Arm"-ful to your health



Nom Obtention
Area 51 of Uncertainty Découvrir la vérité sur la zone 51
  • Find Confirmation in the Crater
  • Crackdown on the Conspirators
  • Clear the Skies and Blind their Eyes
  • Take Only Pictures
  • The Truth is Out There
Atomic Science Aider les chercheurs sur le projet Greenskin
  • Secure the Skin Samples
  • Crate and Peril
  • For the Betterment of Science!
Snake Gulch Main Arc Découvrir la source des problèmes à snake Gulch
  • Dude Runner
  • Clean Up the Town
  • Snake Gulch Minor Arc
  • Source of the Malfunction
  • Repaired and Reprogrammed
  • Do Animatronics Dream of Automatic Weapons?
Snake Gulch Minor Arc Nettoyer Snake Gulch
  • Interrupt the Broadcast
  • Short Circuit and Short Fuses
  • Defeat ASCII Oakley
  • Reform Frontier Justice
  • You Fought the LAW, and Won.
Source of the Disorder Trouver la source desproblèmes à Stronghold et y mettre fin
  • Under Menton's Control
  • Who Watches the Watchtowers
  • Arms in the Wrong Hands
  • Key to Stronghold
  • Operation Stranglehold
VIPER Project: Stein Stopper les recherches de VIPER sur Grond
  • Answer the question: "Are you there, Grond?"
  • The opposite of "pimping" their rides
  • Grond is not a place
  • It may be a game, but their number is up
  • Beat that Bombsquad!
  • How close is it "geddon"?
  • Mad Scientists shouldn't self-medicate
War Never Changes Aider les soldats du projet Greenskin
  • An Appeal to Heal
  • Minding the Mutants
  • Lost Among the Mutants
  • Mission: Demolition
  • Will to Power

Millennium City


Nom Obtention
A Gathering Shadow Protéger Downtown des machines de Dr. Destroyer
  • Memorial Park Peacekeeping
  • Artifact of the Annihilation
  • Makin' Tracks
  • Harmon Convergence
  • Downtown Dustoff
  • Discord and Harmony
Blind Psi-ded Terminer les missions
  • Mind Blown in Millennium City
  • PoE-wned
  • Hello, Kitty
  • PSI's Matters
  • Great Brainwashed Masses
  • Psimon Said
Blood for DEMON Enquêter sur les plans de DEMON à Downtown
  • Alight the Magic Lantern
  • Infernal Passages
  • Route 666
  • Seep No Evil
  • Black's Magic
  • Bloody Alliance
Breakout of the Big House Aider le chef Surhoff contre les prisonniers
  • Fought the Law
  • Millennium City's Most Wanted
  • He Who Sent Them Up The River
  • The Brains Behind the Breakout
Deep in Psi-ed Retrouver la fille disparue du maire
  • The Truth and Nothing But
  • Diary Queen
  • Ex and Violence
  • Psi-ed Effects
  • Sects and the City
  • In-PSI Job
Destruction of Mass Production Découvrir la source des attaques de Destroides
  • Architect and the Covenant
  • Subterranean Hideout Blueprints
  • All things Grate & Small
  • That's Just Grate!
  • Search and Destroyer
  • Disassembly Line
Foxbat and Fandom Donner une leçon a Foxbat et ses fans
  • King Pong
  • Comixtortion
  • No Kountry With Old Comics
  • Foxbattle of the Network Stars
In Love and Gang-War Aider les deux amoureux à échapper aux gangs
  • Westside Story
  • Throwing-Star Crossed Lovers
  • Freedom Frays
Purple With Rage Combattre le gand Neo-Pourpre à Westside
  • Your Friends on the Force
  • Detroit River Bound
  • Word of the Weasel
  • Purple Pose
  • Talos Takedown
  • Purple Reign
The Truth is Right Here Découvrir ce qui se cache derrière les étranges évènements au City Center
  • The Glasses Menagerie
  • Chew Bubble Gum and
  • I Choose You, Gadroon
  • Take You to Their Leader



Nom Obtention
Cherenkov's Radiation Nettoyer l'épave du Cherenkov
  • Lemurian Idol
  • Unearthed After Eons
  • Yellowcake Submarine
  • Toxic Avenging
  • Double Agent's Denouement
  • Dawn of the Damp
Fully Submersible Aider UNTIL a établir une dominance sous-marine
  • Built Njord Tough
  • Submarine Sandwiched
  • Reef Madness
  • Chasing the Sea Dragons
  • Nobody's Fuel
  • Fleet Weaken
Marine Memoriam Aider Sizzou a terminer les dernière quêtes de son ami.
  • The Rare Fish Project
  • Kelp Forest Carnivores
  • Marine Corpse
Murky Waters Avoir une meilleure compréhension de ce qui se passe en Lemuria
  • Waiting to Not Exhale
  • Amphibious Assault
  • Refugee Whiz
  • Sensors on the Sea Shelf
  • Terror Beneath the Waves
  • Spy's Guise
Pirates of the Abyss Aider le capitaine Hawkin à se venger
The Crime of the Ancient Mariners
  • Anchored in the Abyss
  • Plunder of the Sea Cutter
  • Give a Dog a Bone
  • Dead Man's Best Friend
  • One Man's Treasure...
  • Rapscallions, Scallywags and Scurvy Dogs, All
  • Pirate's Payback
Shadow of the Shark Men Combattre les Karkaradons
  • Frenzy Beneath the Fathoms
  • Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams
  • Of Unknown Origin
  • Electroreception Deception
  • Blinded by Science
The Lemurians are Revolting! Aider les lémuriens loyalistes assiègés
  • The Oxygen Network
  • Treasure Beyond Measure
  • The Strife Aquatic
  • Deevolution Will Not Be Televised
  • Sleep of Treason
  • Straighten Out the Crooked
Those who Dwell in Bleakness Stopper la tentative d'invasion des Bleak Ones.
  • Oblivion's Dark Heart
  • Fire Fight
  • Mission from Marus
  • Working Their Way
  • Bleak Typhoon
  • Filet of Souls
  • Fire in the Hole
  • The Bleak Shall Not Inherit the Earth

Monster Island


Nom Obtention
Alternative Energies Stopper les expérience ede VIPER avec Ignatieum
  • Snaking up the Ruins
  • Spectrometer Elimination
  • The Old Switcheroo
Corporate Predators Supprimer les menaces dans la réserve ARGENT
  • Ascertaining Argent
  • Run Through the Jungle
  • Deadly Rivals
  • Critical Reconstruction
  • A Sabotuer's Deadly Gambit
  • The Most Dangerous Game
Egg-Static Stopper les tentatives de VIPER pour contrôler les oeufs de Teleiosaures
  • Egg-Stractors' End
  • Of Eggs And Orders
  • Fight the Power
  • Them's the Breaks
  • Operation: Sunny-Side
  • Yolk of Oppression
Nest of Serpents Semer la pagaille au nid VIPER sur Slither Beach
  • Robotic Relief
  • De-Fang VIPER Defenses
  • The Best Defense
  • Assignment: Omicron
  • Take Down Tadataka
  • The VIPER's Nest
Manimal Resources Stopper les captures de Manimals par ARGENT à Feral Tangle
  • Feeding the Wild Hunt
  • Caged Quarry
  • Informer in Trouble
  • Tagged for Treachery
March of the Manimals Affaiblir l'armée de Moreau dans Well's Pass
  • Picking Up the Pieces
  • Servants of Savagery
  • Obedience Schooling
  • The Dogs of War
  • Worth a Thousand Words
  • The Mind-Erased Informer
Master of Manimals Affaiblir les défenses de Moreau et le vaincre.
  • Manbeast's Mutation Machine
  • A Uniform Solution
  • The Right to Arm Bears... Rescinded
  • Snakeskin Surprise
  • Moreau's Orders
  • Rhinoplasty
No Probes Allowed Stopper les opérations Qularr sur Wayfarer Coast
Robots, Radiation, and Rampage Affronter les robots de Wayfarer Coast
  • Robo Crop
  • Haywire Circuitry
  • Remote Access
  • Growing Nuisance
  • Schematics of a Monster
  • Taking on Mega-Terak
Ruin From The Ancient Past Stopper les excavations lémuriennes et vaincre leurs chefs.
  • Lizard Nerd Scavenger Hunt
  • Shards of Oblivion
  • Dig Data Download
  • Eyes on the Excavators
  • Battle Against the Burrowers
  • Excavation's Overseer
  • Echoes of Andrith
The Cast Away Aider Hank Crusoe à échapper à Monster Island
  • Marooned and Blue
  • Crusoe vs. the Volcano
  • Escape from Monster Island
The Flame of Krim Stopper les plans de Phoenix
  • Lava Disorder: Kriminal Intent
  • Daunting Inferno
The Qularr De-Fleeted Saboter la flotte Qularr
  • Invasion Fleet Scuttled
The Unnatural Imbalance Protèger la réserve d'un désastre écologique
  • Monkeywrenching ARGENT
  • Spawn of the Monster
  • Stop Hatchling Husbandry
  • The Bad Eggs
The Wild Life Aider les Manimals à s'échapper
  • The Cruelest Animal of All: Man
  • A Caged Beast's Lament
  • Lighting the Way
  • Clearing the path
The Worms Crawl Out Stopper les excavations des Elder Worms sur Echinocos Shore.
  • Gems within the Muck
  • Orb in the Line of Fire
  • Awaiting a Foul Transformation
  • Interminable Analysis
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Most Evil of Elder Worms
Walk with the Manimals Protèger les Manimals pacifiques de Feral Tangle.
  • Rout the Raiders
  • Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones
  • Proclamations of the Lawgiver
  • Swine's Secret
  • Besting the Beastmaster!
  • Moreau's Missing Medicine
When a Curse is a Blessing Retrouvez les parchamins d'Andrith et re-maudissez les Lemuriens
  • De-Fragmentation
  • Rastrinfhar's Recipe
  • One Final Ingredient
  • Recalling Andrith's Curse

Vibora Bay


Nom Obtention
Vibora Bay Gangs: Dogz Parler à Theomistekles Venedictos à propos du gang des Dogz pendant la mission Enemies Amok.
Vibora Bay Gangs: New Shadows Parler à Fiona Abercrombie à propos du gang des New Shadows pendant la mission Enemies Amok.
Vibora Bay Gangs: Sovereign Sons Parler à Orlando Rodriguez à propos du gang des Sovereign Sons pendant la mission Enemies Amok.
Vibora Bay Gangs: Trey Kings Parler à Akako Yamimori à propos du gang des Trey Kings pendant la mission Enemies Amok.
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